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Hi…. I’m Sue and this is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken during a special trip to the Grand Canyon where I joined with others to offer a retreat that included therapeutic writing in combination with yoga and canyon exploration. We were guided by former Park Ranger Katie Sullivan, and had quite a magnificent experience.

That opportunity was just one of the many magical experiences I’ve had since I branched out from counseling into teaching therapeutic writing. It is a great gift, to be able to do the kind of work that I love, and to offer the message that is the cornerstone of what I do---that each of us is more powerful than we know. Getting to the core—to our essence—is my hope, both for myself and for others. As we dip in to our essentail nature we can connect with more and more of our gifts.  That expression then, helps us realize more of “what we took birth for” as Stephen Levine would say.

My life with therapeutic writing began many years ago, when I was going through a divorce. I felt lost and disconnected and was magically guided to pick up a pen and begin to write. It saved my life--truly. As I continued on in my counseling career I used my journal as support, as the place I would turn when I needed to slow down, gain perspective, and hear greater wisdom.

As time went on I realized that more people could benefit from this process and so was led to create “Journal Magic”. Kathleen Adams, author of Journal to the Self, was one of my guides as I was able to take her Certified program and incorporate her techniques into my classes.  I continue to learn from others in the field, as well as the devoted journal writers who are also inspired and inspiring by what they write.

“Journal Magic” is a big part of my work and creative life. I’ve had great fun creating “JournalCards”, a tool for journal writers, and love too, both creating and presenting journaling classes. Writing has become an even greater interest as I am now learning more about “public” writing.  I continue to move further from counseling and instead teach journaling in a variety of settings, like Phoenix College Creative Writing Program, private classes, and presentations for many organizations.

While Therapeutic Writing is my primary focus I have another love as well, and that is as a facilitator for The Wellness Community National, now called Cancer Support Community There I facilitate groups for cancer patients and caregivers, online. That work satisfies a long held fascination with the emotional aspects of health issues—and uses writing online as a way to express those concerns. Perhaps most importantly, each meeting reminds me of how sacred our lives are, how we all need to see beauty and find quality of life for ourselves. I am truly blessed to be able to do all this work.

On top of this very satisfying creative life, like the icing on a cake, I have a wonderful husband and friend, Mike, two grown children, Jenna, who lives with her family in North Carolina, and Jeff who lives with his family in Phoenix. Five wonderful grandchildren makes me feel abundant indeed! Our special Australian Shepard, Sirius, made her transition some time ago and we now enjoy our dear Halley (named for Halley's Comet).

Please feel free to be in touch with me with questions or comments. I look forward to that!  --Sue

Your "Journal Magic" Guide...Sue Meyn, M.C.
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