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I invite you to explore the following sites.  They are all created by people I admire and trust.  They may offer you important guidance as well.

Look further into the articles posted, and check to see when we've added new ones.

The Center for Journal Therapy  This is Kathleen Adam's site and tells you all about her work with Journal Therapy and Poetry Therapy, as well as how to sign up to be a "Journal to the Self" facilitator yourself.

Tools With Heart Felice Willat is the originator if this site and of this business. She created it after years of success with "DayRunner" products. This is her current "baby" and a wonderful place to explore for products related to your writing needs. 

Progoff Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development Progoff started it all, and his workshops carry on even now. Make contact with them to find out when there will be one in your area. Wonderful workshops especially in the midst of a transition.

Changing Hands Bookstore  A favorite independent bookstore in Tempe, AZ. Whether you live here or just visiting, it's a great place to check out! 

Bill O'Hanlon A therapist, writer, presenter and all around interesting guy! Check out his sites to see all that he has to offer.

Life Journal Software  This software is THE software to get if you want to keep your journal online--or even if you just want to keep some of it online. Be sure to go there through me...since I'm an affiliate :-)  

The Wellness Community I am a facilitator for support groups through this organization, and in my opinion there is none better. This link will carry you to the National site, where you can look to see if there is a facility near you. If not, join in to one of our Online Support Groups that meet in REAL TIME! GREAT!  

Caregiver Matters is a website created for those who want to contribute to a book about tha challenges of caregiving for loved ones who face health crises. Share your passion with my friend Karen and her partner Sophann. Please explore and see how you might contribute.

Healing Interventions As a registered nurse,  my friend Mary Herring offers her clients a winning combination by providing hypnosis that is based on a strong scientific foundation and holistic perspective.

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And to look good, have fun, and feel good too:

Scottsdale Jewelry Designs  This site is owned by my friend Karen, who works very hard to provide you with beautiful jewelry at excellent prices. Her hope is to help you feel better about yourself, with bangles to remind you of your inner jewels!  

Book Recommendations at Amazon Amazon --Take a look!
If you click on this link you'll see some of my book recommendations. There are more of course, but these will give you a good start. You can access my Amazon connection through the "JMStore" as well.

Interesting articles to check out....

The Power of Words for Cancer Patients

The Write Medicine

Blogging--It's Good for You

About James Pennebaker - Researcher

Implementing an Expressive Writing Study in a Cancer Clinic
  Quote from study: "Cancer can touch every part of your life—issues of family, love, anger, career, life and death, and even issues about childhood and specific experiences in life. In your writing, let go and explore your deepest thoughts and feelings about the issues that you feel are most important to you right now" (Pennebaker JW, Morgan NP, personal communication, October 28, 2004)"

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