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Journal Magic! Lessons in Therapeutic Writing  will help you open the door, break through your resistances, and get started with your journal writing. It helps you uncover the magical power you have within yourself to create and express essential ideas, to clear emotional and spiritual blocks, and to display your power. These are time tested exercises, can't do journaling "wrong". The journal is a wonderful place to release the critic and gain more self-acceptance and appreciation

From this book you'll learn the basics of journaling, essential techniques, and a years worth of exercises about topics such as health, joy, friendship, faith...and lots more. Experienced journal writers will be thrilled with writing options!

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Journal Magic! Lessons in Therapeutic Writing

Journal Magic: Lessons in Therapeutic Writing – Downloadable E-Book

And now...we are happy to offer you a Companion Journal!

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Finally, everything you need to journal with depth
and meaning. You have the guidebook, "Journal
Magic!Lessons in Therapeutic Writing", the new
Journal Magic Journal, and of course, the
JournalCards! Add in a handsome pen, and you've
got the COMPLETE set!

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Our JournalCards have been around for several years and have become a very popular tool for journal writers. Each of the fifty-five cards gives you a word, a picture, and four questions to help open you to an expanded view of your life and topics to explore. You will pick just the right card, or cards, to help you open into the wisdom and power that has been locked up inside. You won't be disappointed!

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Give yourself the gift of focused to address your special concerns while using writing exercises. We get together and find brief exercises, as well as "homework" that can help you sort through where you are now---and where you want to be. Call me at 480-945-9180 or email at the button, or....

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