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A Measurement of Time

by Sue Meyn on 12/20/10

This is the time of the year when we see a lot of pictures of particularly meaningful or at least memorable things that have happened during the year. It's useful to have a "year-end" in order to take a hunk of time and review it, though of course we could do it at any time. This is the traditional time, at least for those who don't keep a journal.

For those of us who do keep journals, we have the ability to reflect and review what's been going on in our lives any time. I find it useful periodically to look back at where I was at the beginning of my current book and see if I've made any progress! Sometimes I have---sometimes I see that what I really, really wanted to accomplish, I did! Other times I'll see the same whiny complaints show up one more time. It does give me the option, then, to let it go, ask for help, or make some other kind of change.

I'm not a big believer in resolutions for the New Year, because every day is the beginning of another new year. We can start doing whatever it is that we want to do NOW rather than waiting for some externally chosen day to do so.

I have some things I want to work on---like being more active in this blog for one. I'm beginning today to move in that direction. There are other things I want to work on, too, but they will stay in my PRIVATE journal for just now.

What about you? Are you 'working' in your journal? Does it help you see yourself more clearly? What are your projects for the small letter new year? You can begin whenever you choose.

Happy new year, today and tomorrow, too. 

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1. Jenna Ross said on 3/20/11 - 07:03PM
It's great to be reminded of the value of journal writing. In deed, it is here, that the "peace transcends all understanding." Thank you.

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