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A Safe Place

by Sue Meyn on 07/13/10

As I wrote this piece about "A Safe Place" I realized I went into a kind of "mini-lecture" mode. It's because safety is a huge issue for me, and I think lies at the heart of what makes journal writing so valuable. I'd love to hear your comments about the importance of safety in your writing, too! Read on....

One of the reasons that I like keeping a journal is that it provides a safe place where I can 'talk' to myself about how I feel about whatever happens to be going on in my life. There, in my journal, I don't worry about who might approve or disapprove, or if I'm repeating myself, or if I'm being negative. I'm writing just for myself and at times to release--and that feels good.

What often happens is that after achieving a release of feelings that may have been "in the way" I can then open to more creative ideas, positive "juice", and general joy about where I am in my life. Often as I continue I may also have an "aha" or insight that opens me up even further.

I believe this is the path that we can take in our journals---moving toward more authenticity, more awareness of who we are at our very core. As we do, it's my belief that we are then better able to live out "what we took birth for", or in orther words to live out our life's purpose. We are each so different, and each are blessed with an individual path for our lives.

Of course lots of people repond that someone has read their journal at some point in their lives. This is a wound that is not always easy to overcome. I recommend at first if someone has had that experience, that you write and then tear up what you've written. You did what you needed to do---got the release you needed, so the major work is done. Many journal writers do not even go back to read what they've written, it's the exercise of release that serves them best.

Whether wounded by someone reading your journal or not, it's good to regard your journal as a sacred book. It does represent your deepest thoughts and feelings, and so needs honoring as such. Keep it in a safe place, so it can be just that for you---a safe place to deposit all aspects of your life.

A journal is powerful because YOU are powerful. Own your power and write it out. Sometimes the power will show and other times it will be more subtle, but the healing power of your writing will always be present.

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