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by Sue Meyn on 01/07/11

Ahh...the almost abandoned blog. It's time to reactivate and engage again. Blogging seems to be a personal journey, that is active or not depending on the person doing the writing. I guess that's obvious---and if there were zillions of people reading my blog I would need to be more devoted to regular articles. I'd have pictures, YouTube links...all of it. Sigh. I'm not there yet.

This blog is still more like journaling, which is forever forgiving about how often you write or what you write about. You can even end sentences with a preposition!

What's most important, from my perspective, is that people don't abandon themselves, and so find SOME way to make time for their quiet reflections and insights. Journaling, blogging, meditating...all work. Of course there are other ways to find support for oneself, but it's my belief that the journal provides the vehicle where integration of all those modalities comes together.

I wish you all a joyous New Year. I hope if you are currently journaling you will continue, and that if you've been putting it off that you'll jump into it...just five minutes at a time. It is simple...and profound---just as you are.


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1. Tammy said on 2/27/11 - 07:58AM
I have found this blogging to be very much like journaling for me. Happy New Year!
2. Sue said on 3/5/11 - 12:47PM
Tammy--- Thanks for visiting here, and I'm glad you are loving your blog so much. Hope your year is off to a good start. Sue

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