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Finding Relief ....

by Sue Meyn on 01/28/15

We all go through times in our lives when things are difficult and even times when we aren't sure we can carry on. And yet, most of us do carry on. How we do that varies from person to person, and from challenge to challenge. One way that helps me is writing in my journal.

I still find that even for me, a devoted and convinced journal writer, there are times when I resist this healing habit. I may be busy seeking comfort from people or activities, and may really not want to venture in to the deeper places inside of me where the real pain resides. Eventually I do get here, back to the page, and back to taking some time to be with myself in a quiet and meaningful way.

When I return I find relief. There is something that happens in the silence, the space between the words, where I am reassured, gently opened, and once again feel the magic, as I like to call it, that comes. It's a quiet place where "all is well" resides.

Sitting here now I feel nurtured and nourished by the silence and the gentle tapping of the keys. I know I can erase or delete...but do not feel the need. I know we all have drama in our lives that pulls us from center. And perhaps a big part of what we are here to learn is how to regain our balance. There are a thousand roads to get to that place of balance, and all we have to do is to stay on the road and not give up. Then we can find our way. Writing is one way, and getting help from others who can see the bigger picture is another. I'm fortunate to have good advisors to turn to though sometimes it takes me a while to get there.

When you are ready to find relief sit down with your pen, or at your computer, and begin to write. Just get your pen/fingers moving to see what wants to come out. You might find, as I have, that it can be quite a relief.



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1. Joni Bowers said on 1/30/15 - 06:08PM
Very timely post, Sue! It's been a rough start to the year. I've lost 2 friends this month alone. 1 to old age (it was a relief for her family) and 1 young friend had a brain aneurism that ruptured. Top it all off, I have a co-worker who has only weeks left due to brain cancer. I've been using my journal like mad! I've never written the "F-bomb" more often in my life. I really owe my sanity to you and your classes, my friend. Thank you!
2. Sue Meyn said on 1/31/15 - 05:09PM
Hi Joni, It's wonderful to hear from you but I am so very sorry to hear all that has been going on in and around your life. There are those times when I feel like shaking my fist toward the heavens and saying "Enough!" I'm so glad you have found comfort in your writing---or at least relief perhaps at this point. BTW, I have a very small group of folks willing to join me for a "SKYPE" group soon---just to see if it might work. Let me know if you are interested! Take care of yourself...the light will come again.

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