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Guest post!

by Sue Meyn on 03/05/11



Journal Writing Therapy



We all carry burdens in our minds: memories of harsh words from parents, or lists of things done or not done, for example. Many of us want to clear our mind of this mental clutter, which impedes our progress at least as much as physical clutter does.



Regular journaling helps clear your mental clutter so you can make a fresh start. You can rant, needle, and transform. You can invent new possibilities for yourself, set goals, and envision new quests. You can get worrisome thoughts out of your head, where they can wreak havoc, and onto paper, where they are only words. No matter what ailments or negative thoughts you’re experiencing, you can begin to heal them through journaling.



After living with Multiple Sclerosis for over eighteen years, I’ve finally begun to cure it myself through the healing power of journal therapy. In 2001, I lost feeling on the right side of my body, making it difficult to walk and impossible to write with my dominant right hand. I needed a way to teach my left hand how to write. What better method could there be than starting a journal?



But the therapy of learning to write with my left hand, structured around journaling, also inspired in me an awesome new world of self-exploration and knowledge. After many years of journaling exploration, I am still amazed at its constantly increasing usefulness in my life. It's a personal coach beyond compare.



Here are two contrasting ways to clear out a mental muddle. The first: Write for ten minutes straight on the topic, “What really drives me crazy is...” Keep your pen on the paper and don't stop for the full ten minutes.



Conversely, you might combine writing and meditation. Write down a question in your journal. Take the question with you into a five-minute meditation. Return to your journal and write. Rinse and repeat.



Whatever your style or speed, it's nice to have a journaling method you can count on to organize your thoughts and sweep out the clutter.









By Mari L. McCarthy - Journal / Writing Therapist. Are you looking for more information on the therapeutic aspects of journaling? Please visit My trademarked program, Journaling for the Health of It! ™, helps my clients live healthier and happier lives.


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1. Mari said on 3/8/11 - 06:10AM
Thanks Sue for running my post. Your article 'Pen or Paper' is up on my blog, and generating comments. WriteON!
2. Sue said on 3/8/11 - 06:26AM
Mari, It's my pleasure. One of the things I learned from Kay Adams (Journal to the Self) was that we as journal therapy colleagues need to stick together. This is such a wonderful medium, and we want more to really "get" how valuable it is. Thanks for posting my piece, too!

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