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by Sue Meyn on 01/13/12

Last night our two grandsons and their dad came over for dinner. Joey, the younger one, just turned six, so it was a great time to celebrate. We had chicken legs done with Shake n Bake, and mashed potatoes, with a few green beans just to keep them in line.

After dinner and after Joey opened his presents...which he LOVED, (whew) Jimmy told us that he had some homework to do. Mike and he got to work on math problems, fractions to be exact, and they made great headway. Seems that Jimmy's teacher gives them assignments but doesn't do a very good job at explaining just how they are to do the work.

As Jimmy finished up the last problem he looked up with delight and said "Done!". I asked him if he felt like he understood better than before, and he said "Yes, really. I do!" Those are a lot of enthusiastic words from this charming little boy who keeps much to himself.

I went to bed thinking about the joy of homework---and the opportunity to get just a little closer to this sweet young man. That's OUR homework. And I had a big smile on my face, too.

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