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Owning Power

by Sue Meyn on 10/15/11

I was reading one of the emails that comes to me daily. It's called the DailyOm and often has little pieces of wisdom that catch my attention. I like it so much that it is on the front page of this website. Today's piece was about putting others on a pedestal--thereby giving up our power to someone we think is "better".

That struck a chord for me, since it's easy for me to see others as being more "advanced" or "together" that I see myself. And, as this article points out, everyone has flaws and imperfections, even if we can't see them. Giving away our power to others does nothing but diminish our own, and keeps us from becoming all that we are.

Now I'm not talking about not being respectful of others. I honor and respect many people---but don't need to put them on a pedestal. And I do that still, at times. I had a chance to talk with Steven Lapore this week. He is a researcher who has done a lot of work with expressive writing--and even edited "The Writing Cure". I was a bit in awe of him, and told him of my work with journaling. He was so very kind and supportive. It was quite lovely--and gave me a boost that I didn't expect. HE was honoring of my work, too.

I tend to put myself down when talking about my own accomplishments, and he didn't let me do that. So I will learn from him and from the DailyOm today. I hope you, too, will be more honoring of who YOU are and what YOU have accomplished. We can work together on that. :-)

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1. Christopher Beck said on 11/9/11 - 06:20AM
Sue, Consider that to edify someone is to build up or strengthen. The pedestal placement you refer to would better serve you by understanding your contribution. The fact that you can identify the distinguishing value, gives you value to that person. When you do this in this positive environment, an upward cycle begins. The higher person pulls you up to that higher value level. Be sure that in this process you do not project a negative view from the one being put on the pedestal. It is really up to you to decide. Just as you point out. "see others as being more..." If you can do that they could too. Where does that leave you. Being more. Just like Steven supported you. So I will forgive your power to diminish your own, and help you become all that you are. Christopher Beck
2. Tammy said on 11/20/11 - 09:47AM
Thanks for this. I love the reminder about not giving away my power. I do that sometimes and it's unnecessary. Now to discover the triggers that cause me to do so.

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