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Pens on paper

by Sue Meyn on 09/07/10

This morning I started a new journal. My last journal took me from late March until now, and as I reviewed it I found lots of emotional expressions within it that displayed the transition that has been going on for me. That's a topic for another time.

My real thrill in starting this new journal was that I also bought myself a set of new colored pens. These are all gel pens with yummy dark colors that span the color wheel. I started with a deep red---almost looked like blood, and ended in a cheery pink. Hmm...don't want to analyze that. Rather, I just want to remember the fun of picking the colors and then feeling the pen as it rolled across the paper.

Someone who doesn't like journaling would simply think I was nuts if they read that writing in colored ink made me feel good---or rather that just feeling the pen on paper made me feel good. But truth is it does. I take a deep breath, feel more grounded more confident, and open myself to see what else might show up there.

Colored pens---and all the new pencils and markers that show up at the beginning of the school year...just make me happy.

Find some colored pens yourself---and enjoy the different moods that are expressed as you write.

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1. (Wild)Jean Hughes said on 10/18/10 - 01:20PM
Oh I just love the beginning of school so I can have the excuse to go out and buy new pens- the gel pens or those small pens that don't take so much space. This weekend I wrote for hours. I am trying to find answers to some of life's problems. Back to journaling by hand. My computer is down more than it is up so have to journal by hand anyway. I love all these different colors and am always looking for new colors in slim sizes. Glad to know that I am not the only one.

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