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Practice, Practice, Practice

by Sue Meyn on 09/20/11

Over the last couple of weeks there have been a number of times that I thought, "Oh, that's interesting! I should create a blog article about that." And then I return home and get caught up in the next project or obligation on my calendar. The writing is put off, again.

Today I read an article by Sheila Bender (, and another member of the Council for Her article was about writing as exercise, and so today, now that I've been to the gym for some physical exercise, I decided it was time to sit down and engage in some writing exercise. Practice makes a difference. I know that so well, and yet have had a hard time committing to the time to make it happen.

After I've avoided a particular activity for a period of time--as in not allowing myself the time to write down my thoughts, I begin to talk to myself as though I cannot do it anyway. I get hooked into comparing myself to others and think "Oh, I can't really do that very well anyway. I've been kidding myself."

Of course that kind of self-talk is not going to help me sit down. Rather what it does is feed my very critical inner critic. I'm left with fears that I have nothing to say---and skills that are sadly lacking. It gets more and more difficult to sit down and just write.

The only way I can get past this blockage is to find time to write about the little things that catch my eye during the day. As I do that I can practice as well as have some fun recalling an awareness or "aha" that shows up. Or, of course, I can write about my reluctance to I am today.

There is something 'warming' about writing one's thoughts and feelings. I can feel it now, a sense of being more present, more alive, and more open to the flow of my creative energy. And so I will practice with more regularity, letting go of the "shoulds" of my day, and opening into what brings me joy and satisfaction.

I'm sharing this here on the blog because I think others might relate. There are lots of things that we might like to do---but we let our obligations clutter our lives to such an extent that we don't get it done. I hope this will encourage you to pick something you have wanted to do...and just begin to practice.

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1. JoniB said on 9/20/11 - 03:09PM
I love this! As my mother-in-law taught me: don't go "shoulding" all over yourself!
2. Rita A. said on 9/20/11 - 05:47PM
I've been having many of the same thoughts. I wonder if part of it is this instant world we live in . . . everything is so fast and we are hit with so much stimuli that we just can't focus on the little things . . . without effort and practice.
3. Sue M. said on 9/21/11 - 06:40AM
Thanks Joni---and thanks Rita. I appreciate your both taking the time to respond to this--and it's good encouragement for me to continue to "exercise". Rita, I think you are correct that the world is spinning very fast around us--so it is up to us to create our own safe place where we can slow things down. Hope you both have a great week!

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