Reflections : Journal Magic -- Words into Wisdom


by Sue Meyn on 12/29/11

I was just reading through some of the articles about journaling that I'd written in years past. They were part of my email newsletter that I sent about twice a month. I enjoyed those missives and can see how my writing improved when I wrote them regularly.

For some reason it's been more difficult for me to take the time to come here and add another piece to my blog, and right now I am longing for that writing fluidity that I had sometime back. Things have changed in my life so that Journal Magic does not get all the attention it used to. My work at The Wellness Community Arizona takes a great deal of time, as do the groups I do for Cancer Support Community, online. This has been my "reason" for a long time now. But...only I can decide if I want to make a change.

Of course I know that there is a question inside me that says, "Do I really have anything valuable to say?" That is a clear signal that I've forgotten about the "magic" that I know appears when I write with regularity. The flow, that now feels so cut off, opens up, and everything around me becomes more alive. Words become a way to express the excitement, the joy and the light that surrounds me---even when something I am writing about is unpleasant. Paradoxical, huh?

I hope today's piece is just the beginning of more. I'm not going to make any more promises...but rather see if I will "show up" to do the work. I'm open to the "magic" once again. I hope anyone who is reading this will join me in rediscovering magic as well.

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1. Joni said on 12/30/11 - 05:07PM
I'm in! I'm going to add visual/art journaling to my routine to access other parts of the old brain, too.

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