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Sadness and Inspiration

by Sue Meyn on 01/24/12

On Sunday I turned on my computer and it opened automatically to a news channel. There in front of me was a  picture of Gabby Giffords with the announcement that she was going to resign her seat in the House of Representatives. Then I turned on the YouTube video and listened to her talk.... Tears streamed down my face as I listened to her. I think a part of me must have returned to that Saturday last year when the shooting happened. I felt devastated then, and am sure it triggered other tragedies I remembered from my younger life, those other shootings of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy. Why do such things happen to wonderful people?

Today's newspaper again carried pictures of Gabby as she met with others who had been there that Saturday with her, some of whom had been injured, others who just cared. Again I felt tears spring up as I read the story...of how she met with each person, listening intently, talking as best she could. My heart hurts...that this sharp, energetic, and beautiful woman has been hurt at such deep levels.

As I sat with my feelings and with the story I realized that Gabby has continued to fight and that she does hope to return to her work in the Congress. She is an amazing warrior of light and truth. Rather than continuing to feel sad I began to sit up taller, feel brighter, more hopeful, and realized Gabby would not want any of us to sit in the sadness too long. There is a time for it, and then it is time to get back to work.

I'm taking her lessons with me---and hope to live a little more in the bright light of her inspirational choices. I can quit feeling sad about the little things I encounter in life, and get back into what IS good and what IS possible. I will do the hard things even when it isn't convenient or fun, just because it needs to be done.

Thank you Gabby Giffords for the powerful example you are setting for us all. You are a remarkable person and I know your light will not be dimmed.

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1. JoniB said on 1/24/12 - 03:42PM
Thank you, Sue! Well said.
2. Tammy McLeod said on 3/5/12 - 04:20AM
I felt the same way when I watched that video.
3. Nathan said on 11/9/13 - 03:28PM
Hi Sue. Will you be attending the Journaling Expo in January? It's a free event and will be a great place to meet others interested in journaling. Not sure if you are offering more courses or your book. By the way: Our JournalTalk episode will be out in just 2 short weeks!
4. Nathan Ohren said on 11/9/13 - 03:29PM
I guess I should leave the site: and the podcast about "Journal Magic" will be featured at
5. Sue said on 11/11/13 - 10:48AM
Thanks for your comments! And Nathan, I don't think I will be at the conference in January. Maybe the next one! Looking forward to the podcast!

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