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School Days

by Sue Meyn on 08/30/11

In the past I've written articles about returning to school that included lugging a huge bag of books with me across campus. This year, it's different. We meet online.

I like working online, and am a facilitator for an online support group that meets in a chatroom. I've seen magic happen there--and being able to connect in real time does make a difference. I've taught some online classes before---and honestly had some of the best students one could imagine. They sent their assignments in on time, had quality comments to make on the discussion board, and stayed interested all the way through the semester.

This semester my class is a little different. We are doing almost all journal writing, which of course, I like. It's hard to tell at this point how this class will compare to previous classes. There are already a few members who, like in other years, have jumped in with great enthusiasm. And, there are a few I have barely heard from so far, but it's early and they might enter in a little more slowly.

Perhaps this isn't all that different from in person classes...when we have to wait to see who will appear and who will drop. I guess I'm always a little anxious at first, hoping to get everyone off to a good start---and to encourage them to love the material.

If nothing else I can rejoice in the fact that I am NOT lugging books across campus or fighting for a parking spot. I'm here in my home office, feeling the cool breeze from the fan, looking out on the parched yard outside my view. Sigh. This is a good start to the semester and I'm grateful for the opportunity.


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1. JoniB said on 8/30/11 - 03:57PM
And then there's the rush hour driving and the late night jitters of crossing a dark parking lot... Yeah, online is good. What? I'm parked in your space? I'll only be a few minutes........
2. Sue said on 8/31/11 - 06:02AM
Joni, You must be one of the few who see these! Yes, isn't it great not to deal with traffic and parking? Thanks for commenting. Sue

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