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The After Effects

by Sue Meyn on 01/06/12

In the past it was not unusual for me to feel worn out and NOT ready for the New Year after all the holiday hullabaloo. This year feels different to me. I feel calmer, more peaceful, able to push away feelings of anxiety, and be happy. How amazing is that? You may be thinking, so how have you done that? Right?

Well, I think I had fewer expectations this year. Christmas for the family went pretty well---though there was a hang-up with the boys trampoline, and Jenna lost the lacey scarf I made for her that included a gift card. Sigh. Other than those little things it all went smoothly and we had great gratitude for our good fortune.

Perhaps there was another event that added to my gratitude--and has stayed with me. That was our trip to California. Mike and I stayed near the beach just north of L.A. and enjoyed driving around to visit places like Santa Barbara, the Reagan Library, Ventura pier, and we did some wine tasting, too. On our last day of this trip we got a call from one of our pet-sitters....

"Hello? What's up? Everything okay?", I said.

" I don't know how to tell you this, but Halley (our 2 year old dog) was hit by a car. She got up afterward...and then took off, and now we don't know where she is."

Needless to say that was a traumatic call. We began to pack up and ready ourselves for the long drive home. Before long we got another call,

"We found her! She ran about a half a mile, crossed Camelback twice, and came back to your patio. We think she is mostly okay except frightened. We are taking her to the vet."

Greatly relieved we cried and cried, and felt the joy of our little puppy being spared. When we got home she greeted us with wiggles and licks...and then I sat with her, held her and just sobbed. She was okay. I offered more prayers of gratitude for her safety.

So after all that, Christmas didn't seem so important to me. That may sound silly, since people deal with so many awful things in life. To be so influenced by the wellbeing of my little dog may seem like a small thing, but somehow to me it represented an awareness of living in the now and appreciating what we have now.

So far this year on a daily basis I've taken time for my journal, for some meditation, and for the awareness that I can let go of old negativities and resentments and just return to now. I hope to continue along this path. I know I'll have days that I miss something but I'll keep returning to my beliefs about peace, gratitude and NOW.

Do you want to create some new patterns in your life? We do have the power to do it, so think about what you want to change. We'll do it together, one day at a time.

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1. JoniB said on 1/7/12 - 01:22PM
Oh Sue! I just had to hug my dog after reading your tale! I'm glad that it turned out okay. And I'm so pleased that your holiday was peaceful. Happy New Year!
2. Wildjean said on 7/12/12 - 06:56PM
I have been dealing with a great deal of loss especially from April 2010- through last Wednesday night- July 4th when my mother's last sibling died and our family was counted out of the family except for the graveside service. I have lost pets before and almost lost a couple. I am feeling so hurt right now and not feeling much support. Have lost about 14 or so friends and loved ones in a short time. Broke my elbow And range of motion. Feel like falling into a heap in be and crying for the next year but trying to be with friends and write about it
3. Sue said on 7/13/12 - 11:42AM
Oh Jean!!! I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time.... I hear your pain...and am glad you left a note. Send me an email and we'll talk some more. Sending you warm thoughts.

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