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"Journal Magic" has had a web presence of one kind or another for over ten years. We offer free information, classes of different sorts, email journaling reminders, as well as tools to enhance your therapeutic writing.
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here are two more programs that I feel very good about recommending! Please explore these links...so you can help yourself and help Journal Magic at the same time.

I've attended the Bill O'Hanlon "Get Your Book Written" workshop. I highly recommend it.  My book proposal is out and being evaluated right now! http://www.getyourbookwritten.com/Onlinebookcourse/Overview.html

I also highly recommend this additional program by Bill O'Hanlon and Ryan Nagy http://www.thewebwhisperers.com At the Web Whisperers Boot Camp you'll learn how to use the internet more effectively with your work. The information covered is astounding. And, you can also sign up for individual coaching from Ryan Nagy even without the Boot Camp! www.ryannagy.com

Know that by signing up through my site that Journal Magic will receive an affiliate fee---so we will both win!
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Developing your own website?  I have been MOST pleased with my experience with HOMESTEAD. Click below to learn more---even enjoying a 30 -day FREE opportunity. I LOVE all the options they make available. Call me if you want to hear about my experience!
PBS ... For most of us that says alot. PBS is an organization that brings us so many wonderful educational programs. Click below to visit their store....