Testimonials for "Journal Magic!"
Many of the following testamonials have come in response to our newsletter, "A Journal Companion", and some are in reference to classes. Many more have been shared in person.

June 4, '08
Wow Sue!  Your newsletter is amazing.  I love it.  Thanks for keeping me on your list.  I loved all of your news and you have such a kind and gentle way of expressing yourself verbally and the written word.  I am so happy that you are part of my life.  Thanks so much for all of the valuable and free information.  I really appreciate that.

Theresa Leonard
Phoenix, AZ

December 28, 07:
Dearest Sue,

During this holiday season of joy and grace I would like to thank you for opening up the world of journaling to me and anyone else that has benefited from your wonderful and magical endeavors.  Although I haven't been able to join all of you in your welcoming and spirited living room where all sorts of things happen, I have benefited from the use of your journal cards.  The journal cards have really been a great source/beacon of sorts for me as I tread new depths internally and externally.  Life will never be the same.

Wishing you and yours a 2008 filled with light and love.


Here's an email from July 2007:

Sue, I have to tell you that you amaze and inspire me.  Since I met  you in 1999 you have taken your "dream" and grown it to a full blown wonderful business.  You are always creative about your offerings and  continue to keep your dream alive by always thinking "outside the box" when developing new strategies.  As a small business owner  myself, I know how difficult that can be.

That's all  :)   I am sincerely glad that I have met you and will continue to take advantage of your offerings when I can. In fact, I'd love to be part of the Chat Room experiment if possible.

Have a great holiday and I'll look forward to hearing from you!


Here's one from a participant of our regular Thursday morning group (with permission of course):

Dearest Sue,

I want to thank you so much for all that I have learned in the journaling classes over the course of what, 5 years now.  You have taught me self-love and other-love, self-respect and other-respect.  We all have issues, and
journaling is a very gentle way of dealing with them.  I am so grateful for what journaling has done for me.  I came depressed and have risen out of and above depression and also discovered a creativity I never knew that I
had.  At first, I thought okay, I am better now, I can stop the journaling, but then I finally realized that I have to keep journaling to stay healthy.

Thanks again.  Ronda
April 2007

Change is not always welcome,
Horning in on our space,
Asking us to adapt
Needing us to move
Giving us a nudge
Easing us into perfection


And another sweet note (sent August '06) from a former student in a community college class in:

Hi Sue,

...I met with a friend for tea this past weekend, and she raved about your book.  She mentioned your book was excellent, and that she could hear your voice within the pages.  I commend you for such a huge achievement.  The world needs to know more about journal magic!

Talk about magic, about a month ago, my seven-year old son cornered me with a question.  I thought it was going to be something like, "Can we eat ice cream for dinner?", but I was way off.  He asked if he could have his own journal.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  :)  I smiled the grandest smile, and we drove to Office Max that afternoon.

With pleasure, I repeated your words about his freedom to choose what style worked for him (and what writing instrument).   Not only did he want a normal sized notebook, but also a pocket journal he could carry around on his travels.  I assured him that his journal was a safe place to put anything he wanted to write about, and that there were no rules.  I can't tell you how much joy this gave me!   And would it have happened without the influence of Sue Meyn?  I don't think so.  :)

Over the past week, my son and I have begun our homeschool days with about 10-15 minutes of journaling, since he's always a little frustrated that he really has to "do school" each day!   As before, I remind him that he can write whatever he wants, and that I will not read it.  He seems content knowing this, and has mentioned several times that after he writes, he feels much better, with much less anxiety.  I'm so pleased.

So thank you, again, for all that you do!!!   You're changing lives.  :)   Take care, "

Traci Dauncy
And others...selected over the last few years...representing just a few of the positive feedback we've gotten:

I really appreciated your open honesty in the Journal Companion. Sometimes everyone else in the world seems so together and whole. I am always nourished by open expressions of guilt, doubt, critic-shock, and hesitation. Friends around me have expressed different sensations lately of being out of sorts, unable to get things done, irritation, fatigue, and other "too hard to express" grumpy feelings. Amazing. Thanks for the Journal Companion. It's always a fresh way to start the hand moving on our path to the heart. Julie Steffes ___________________________________________________________
Hi Sue, I just had to write and tell you that this issue of Journal Magic was exquisite. It is beautifully written and the message is so true. Thanks. I'm glad you and I have crossed paths. You have really enriched my life. Jan ___________________________________________________________
Hi Sue, I've only been recieving your writing suggestions for two months. They have really helped to get my thoughts moving. Thank you. This week though, I must say is one of the best suggestions so far. What you have described is an integral component of a class I took two years ago titled "the psychology of adjustment". It really helps to put things into perceptive and to decrease stress in our lives. Also, your suggestion to write letters (that we don't intend to send) has really helped me with an ex-partner. Our relationship was not healthy so consciously-rationally, we ended it. Those letters, all that writting that I did, were completely conducive to acceptance in my heart. I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the weekly journal companion. Please continue to inspire. Jamie Suzanne
Dear Sue, I am so happy I discovered your website -- what a joy to find others for whom journal-keeping is so necessary and special. It is part of who I am, an extension and expression of a voice few around me ever hear. So, I thank you and want you to know I appreciate your work. Your site shall inspire me to write about more than how many loads of laundry I've washed today or what we ate for dinner! I've kept a journal for 35 years and am still trying to figure out how to do it "right." Many thanks. Sincerely, Sharon Norville ___________________________________________________________
Dear Sue, Just a little note of thanks for your inspiration that pops into my mailbox when I most need it! The last 2 weeks have had different challenges, both falling into the Pop Quiz category and your words have been of tremendous support. Feel good about the good you do for others. Blessings and best wishes, Symfonia ___________________________________________________________
Brenda writes: I don't journal. I want to, but, I don't..... But, I love reading about what you have to say and I know I am getting ready to make this commitment to myself again. I used to write all the time, but stopped when something I wrote got read and completly misunderstood. For some reason, that has made it difficult for me to start again. (It's probably a trust issue, but not that I think it would ever get read again). Thank you though for sending me ideas, thoughts, feeling, plans, goals, books to help me find my way..... Your e-mails give me insperation, and even though they are not being put down on paper yet, they are giving me something to think about: the hows and why's of whats going on around me. So I thank you Sue. You are making me think, and not about my bills!!! Have a great weekend. A person who is glad she found you on the web!! Brenda ___________________________________________________________
Natalie Writes... Hi Sweet Sue, I just love reading your "Beautiful Gems." Soooooo thought provoking. Thank you for the inspiration and colorful sparkles. You really are magic!