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Your Sue Meyn

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Take a journey with Sue in her latest book, "Writing Refuge"

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Mission: To help people open to their full power and wisdom by simply writing in their journals. It's simple and profound.

Therapeutic Writing

Psychologist James Pennebaker's research shows that journal writing can help increase immune system functioning, reduce hypertension, and have fewer dr's office visits. Research continues in many areas.

Simple, Easy

There are no rules to journaling so it can be done by anyone who can read and write. It's simply a matter of sitting down and putting pen to paper. Add pictures, draw, color, or write slanted across the page. YOUR creativity will show you what you can do! You'll begin to feel the "magic" the more often you turn to your journal.

Available 24/7

Journal writing can be picked up at any time. It is a friend who is always there for you. Write as though to a friend and release, relax and refresh.

Therapeutic Writing
Helps to access deeper Wisdom

We learned from Ira Progoff, PhD, that each of us are like a "well". As we move from the surface of our lives we deepen slowly and safely until we reach "the underground stream" where we all connect and where we can be nourished, refreshed and filled, and then move back up the well to the surface of our lives. This is what goes on as we journal and connect with WISDOM. Is that the same as our inner "magic"? You will be the judge of that.

Reduce Stress

Sometimes we just need to release whatever is bothering us. Take five minutes to write about your stress and then tear it up! You will be surprised how such a simple exercise can help so much.

Your Creativity Shines

Journals allow us to let go of the "rules" of writing. As we do so our left brains relax and let our right brains express themselves more. Your creative energy will grow as you write, release, and open to your creative energies.

This is one more way "magic" shows up for us when we write.

Therapeutic Writing
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Dearest Sue,


I want to thank you so much for all that I have learned in the journaling classes over the course of what, 5 years now.  You have taught me self-love and other-love, self-respect and other-respect.  We all have issues, and journaling is a very gentle way of dealing with them.  I am so grateful for what journaling has done for me.  I came depressed and have risen out of and above depression and also discovered a creativity I never knew that I had.  At first, I thought okay, I am better now, I can stop the journaling, but then I finally realized that I have to keep journaling to stay healthy.


Thanks again.  Ronda

April 2007

Sue's comment: This was written by a cancer survivor who stayed with our journal writing group for about seventeen years. She transitioned in 2018, and we all miss her.

From a friend...

Products and Services


were created at the turn of this century (!) and have been used by hundreds of people in classes and for personal use. As you gently choose the cards that are right for you at the time you will be surprised at how they take you right to the core of your life questions. Each card holds questions, a picture, and a word to offer a direction for your creative energies. The cards offer questions---and YOU have your own best answers.

$12 plus $6 shipping

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"Journal Magic! Lessons in Therapeutic Writing" is a workbook full of suggestions of "classes" to write through to discover more of your inner magic. $18 plus $8


Journal Magic! KIT!

Combine cards, workbook, journal and pen to get started! $38 plus $8 shipping

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Therapeutic Writing

Presentations for your group, workshops, classes, and retreats!

Just be in touch to talk about what you or your group needs!

Gather for a "Journal Party"!!!

Invite your friends to come to a party where you provide refreshments and Sue will come to present an hour journal writing session where each are invited to tap into deeper and wiser parts of themselves. 

Contact Sue:


If you use Paypal you can send your order and payments to my account at Your cards or Kit will be mailed to you immediately!

Therapeutic Writing
Therapeutic Writing

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