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Recent Newsletter!

Hello friends of Journal Magic,


The Magic “Eraser” 


I’m sitting here in Flagstaff, AZ, watching the snow fall all around. The birds are lined up on the fence outside our home thanks to my husband Mike's great care for them. He makes sure they are fed with seeds and peanuts, especially when it snows. It’s as though they know they will be cared for when then come here…and they are having a party. 


The view, as I look out the window from my living room is so peaceful and beautiful. Snow drapes each branch of the mighty Ponderosa pines that surround our little home. Whatever had been an eyesore just yesterday today looks glorious as the snow erases whatever was unpleasant and coats it all in white serenity. 


Always one to look for the larger picture, I wonder if this snow isn’t a message to look harder at the beauty that is all around rather than focusing on the uglier aspects of living in today’s world. 


Certainly we have much to be grateful for even as we see the inequities in the world. Will seeing more beauty help us create more beauty in our lives? I think so….. 


If you don’t have the benefit of watching snow fall and cover all that is unpleasant you may have to use more imagination. The snow is a magic eraser that tells me that there is more beauty than tragedy in the world. What’s going on in your life that might help you remember/believe in that goodness? 


I hope you will take time to write in your journal, remembering to gently move to that deeper and wiser part of yourself. You know what that means....  


Within your journal you can even use a real eraser to take out the parts that are not really relevant to your daily life. Give it a try, and create your own “magic eraser” to help you see more beauty and less of the problems.





What's Going On?



If you live in Flagstaff and would like to experience the power of a journal writing group, you can invite a few friends and I will come to your home.  You provide refreshments and I will bring a class with a topic of your choosing! I have some basic guidelines: that what we share is confidential; that no one is ever required to read from their journal; and that acceptance is the operative word. The process is magical. Let me know!

Email: Phone: 480-945-9180


Friday morning group


This remarkable group, pieces of which have been together since 2002, still meet once a month, weather and schedules permitting. We'll be gathering again in Scottsdale on January 11th from 10 to noon, so let me know if you'd like to join us. 480-945-9180. 


 "Journal Parties"- Don't forget that Journal Parties can be a wonderful way to gather friends together for a meaningful time. If you provide the refreshments I will bring a journaling class, and you will just pay $60 regardless of how many attend. I am available Tue. through Fri. evenings, some daytime hours during the week, and even some  weekends.  Give me a call! This can be a special experience for all involved. 480-945-9180


 Cancer Support Groups -In addition, if you know anyone who is dealing with cancer there are free services available through The Wellness Community (Now known as Cancer Support Community nationally). It is my "other" love. Go to to learn more about cancer support groups in your area. In Phoenix call 602-712-1006 for an in person group. CSC is moving to Flagstaff, too, so watch for it!

Link to my website 

Recipe of the month: Potato and Leek Soup! Yum!


Video of the month: Try this positive energy meditation!


Book of the month: 

I enjoyed "Awaken the Spirit Within" by Rebecca Rosen.


Quote of the month- You are never given a wish without also
being given the power to make it true.
You may have to work for it, however.
- Richard Bach


Quote to use as a prompt:The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.
- William James


Follow me on Twitter for an occasional prompt!


Silly Prompt - You've erased your life and now get to create a new reality. What does it look like?


Serious Prompt - As you look around the world, or just loo around our country, what do you see that is beautiful? Can you help it expand? Write about it!


A Free Class!


Online Journal Class                                                   Owning your Power


** Begin where you are…writing for five minutes. Allow yourself to ‘say it all’ and open up to whatever is going on within. No need to hide.


**Write down what questions, if any, that have surfaced for you. Then, choose two or three JournalCards…and see where they take you. 8 min.


**Write an Unsent Letter inviting God, ‘magic’, power, or wisdom to be there with you. Give yourself a chance to open to it and feel it coming to you, even as you are writing. Feel that power joining with yours to give you a fresher sense of personal power.


**Steppingstones—This is that exercise of Progoff’s that asks you to write about 10 major steps in your life…starting with “I was born…”  I would ask you to focus on your experience of having power----or of feeling powerless in your life. What are those times when you were aware of having, or not having power in some significant way?


** Make a short list of people you consider strong, vibrant, wise---people you would see as having a kind of power that you admire. These can be people you know or just someone you admire. 1 to 5 names.


            --Now pick one of those people and we will focus on them…. Read this, and imagine yourself meeting with this person….


            Take a deep breath, and then another. Imagine that you are transported, effortlessly and easily to another place. As you arrive there…you see first your environment, and then in the distance you see this special person. You relax and feel comforted just seeing them…and move toward them. So many descriptive words become available to you as you get closer and closer, and you truly see them as if for the first time. When they are in front of you you take a moment to check in with yourself and how you feel. You notice the impact this person has on you and find good descriptive words to help you talk about it. You take your attention back to this person and enjoy a few more minutes with them….


When you are ready, pick up your pen and begin to write---describing this special person and how you feel about them.


(Try reading it over now, as though it describes you. How does that feel?)


**You may want to write down some issue you are currently dealing with, and ask this ‘mentor’ to respond to the concern. See what wisdom shows up for you.


(Is that wisdom theirs or yours?  Hmmm)


**What stirs? Is there an action step you can take to support your new awareness of power?



Link to my website

Journal writing Tools --- GREAT Anytime GIFT IDEAS!


JournalCards!- Fifty five different cards that each have a word, picture, and four questions to help you ask yourself more penetrating questions as you write. You will find them to be surprisingly helpful as you explore your personal life. If you don't have should...REALLY!


Journal Magic! Lessons in Therapeutic Writing - This is a great workbook that gives you an extraordinary number of "lessons" to use as guidelines for your writing. Wonderful for experienced journal writers as well as beginners.


The Journal Magic Kit - Contains the JournalCards, the book, a journal and a pen---especially good for the beginning journal writer!

 If you want some "JournalCards ($12 plus $8 shipping) just email me for directions.


Email or call about the book or Kit, 480-945-9180.


Thanks for reading to the end of this long email. I hope your next weeks and months bring you much light and optimism!


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