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Where's Your Focus?

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Can your journal help you be more effective in your daily life?

Where is YOUR focus? Do you find it easy to make time to be quiet, to turn off electronics, to soak in nature? Or, are you like , me at times, and find yourself being pulled into the newsfeed on your phone, or worry about something over which you have no control, or just jump from one activity to another without really finishing the one you first began?

Our personal power rests in our inner integrity, in our being centered within ourselves so that we feel whole and complete. That space offers us a sense of calm as we know we are in touch with our core selves, the part of us that can access our higher wisdom and can find responses to our deepest questions. When I spend time in my journal I notice that my focus becomes clear very quickly. That single stream of writing helps to take me to what is capturing my attention at the time. When I can “see” my thoughts in front of me it seems to be much easier to choose where I want to focus. My journal writing IS a kind of refuge from the bombardment that we can feel from work, family, friends, and this crazy world. Why not get your journal and begin to experience the security and peace that personal writing can bring. It will help you to move from the surface of your life to deeper spaces, a little at a time. Try following this acronym on FOCUS and see how if it takes you where you need to go. Let me know how you do.....

F – Find a quiet space and set aside some time to just begin a conversation with yourself in your journal. No expectations, no censoring, just set a timer and write for five or ten minutes.

O – Open to your clearest desires, open to your feelings, and open to your inner wisdom. Questions may arise, so write them out and see if you want to address them directly or save them for another journal session.

C – Consider what you’ve written and say to yourself, “If I were totally honest I would say…..”

U – Uncover any hidden feelings, secrets, concerns and SPELL them out. The release will help you to relax and discover more of your wisdom and personal compassion. S – SEE your clarity as it shows up on the page. Stop when you want, while considering how you may make an action step to follow up on discoveries made.

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