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Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Looking for Wisdom in all the right places....

Sometimes the world can seem pretty crazy and chaotic...

We do have a choice about how we respond to all that is going on around us. We can tune out and think about something else, we can be angry, we can complain that things should be different...or, we can be clearer about our values, speak up to power, and take action to uphold our beliefs and honor our communities.

Use your journal to help you move into those deeper and wiser parts of yourself so that you can, indeed, be clearer about where you stand.

Here are some guidelines using the word WISDOM as an acronym for your writing exercise:

W – What’s going on? Write for five minutes

I – Inquire more deeply. What are your questions? Write them out. Or use JournalCards to help.

S – Spill and spell ALL that you need to release. (As much time as you desire.)

D – Drop all pretense and say what needs to be said.

O – Open to your deeper, richer truth within. Allow your wiser self to be present with you as you write.

M – Make a simple, doable plan of action based on your writing.

These are guidelines that can be used any time you sit down to write, and they will help you to feel clear, centered, and ready to take action.

Tell me what comes up for you as you use these guidelines...and share the wisdom and "magic" that ignites you to action.

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1 Comment

Sue Meyn
Sue Meyn
Aug 28, 2018

I'm enjoying re-reading some of my own posts! I will add more---and hope to receive more comments!

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